vape cartridge

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Ceramic core heating element

for unrivaled vapor performance.


Pre-filled cartridge with 1ml of our finest cannabis oil.


The Oil

All of our cannabis oils are extracted using CO2 in order to preserve the purity of the oil Naturally-derived cannabis terpenes are also fractioned through refinement and re-added into the CO2 distillate.  In other words, we extract the organic compounds found within the plants which give off their distinctive aroma and taste profiles, then add them to our extracted oil. The end result: a natural spectrum of flavor that shines through more than in any other form of cannabis consumption and a precise viscosity that maintains consistent vapor delivery.

The Cartridge

Cartridges built with ceramic core technology for unrivaled vapor performance. Ordinary atomizers and wick designs have coils that lay on the surface of the wicks, leading to reduced flow, inconsistent heating, and burning. Our cartridges have heating coils embedded 360° in the ceramic cores to ensure uniform heat in the atomizer and continuous fluid saturation. No burning in our products so you can enjoy the intended flavor. Use with any standard 510 threaded battery.


Lucky Vape Products was evaluated and tested by a third party laboratory using Consumer Product Safety Commission’s protocol and standards for Poison Prevention Packaging as required by the current Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700. The LeafLocker Slide Box, fulfills the requirements for child-resistant effectiveness and senior adult use effectiveness as required by the current code of CFR Title 16, Part 1700, for Poison Prevention Packaging.


Proper Care and Storage

Store at room temperature. Direct sunlight and excessive heat may cause the cartridge to leak.